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Congress Is Trying To Make Mandatory Minimum Drug Sentences Worse June 2, 2016

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Molly Gill, the Director of Federal Legislative Affairs for FAMM, just sent out a new important message:

It happens every election year: a member of Congress feels like they need to get “tough on crime” and crack down on whatever scary drug or high-profile crime is making the news back home. This year, it’s Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), and she’s trying to make mandatory minimum sentences for the drug fentanyl even worse.

We’ve seen this nonsense before, and we want to stop it dead in its tracks. We need your help! Senator Ayotte’s proposals could be voted on next week!

Click here now to tell your U.S. Senators to vote “no!” on harsher mandatory minimum drug laws.

Fentanyl is a drug often mixed with heroin before it even gets to the U.S. — users often don’t even know fentanyl has been mixed in with their drugs. It already doesn’t take much fentanyl to trigger a decades-long mandatory sentence. Under her proposals, Senator Ayotte would make those drug amounts truly tiny — as little as half a gram of any substance containing even trace amounts of fentanyl would send a person to federal prison for at least 5 years!

Senator Ayotte’s proposals will do the last thing America needs: lock up even more low-level drug users, sellers, and addicts for long prison stays. Mandatory minimum drug sentences haven’t prevented America’s heroin problem. Making drug sentences worse isn’t going to make our drug problems better!

Senator Ayotte and other U.S. Senators need to know that voters won’t support these election-year shenanigans. Help us make that message loud and clear: write your U.S. Senators now to stop them from making mandatory minimums worse!

Thank you for taking action and helping us in this fight!