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50 People Will Go To Prison Today November 19, 2009

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Julie Stewart, President of FAMM, has a powerful message today.  The numbers of people being ensnared in mandatory minimum sentences is staggering.  Remember, right now you think this could never happen to you or a loved one.  Guess what, thousands of other Americans thought the same thing.  They were all wrong.

Every day, 50 people get a one-size-fits-all mandatory minimum sentence in federal court.  It doesn’t matter if the sentence doesn’t fit the crime.  It doesn’t matter if the judge disagrees with the sentence.  Twenty years ago, Congress created mandatory minimums, and today, another 50 people will suffer because of that mistake.

Fifty may not sound like a big number, but it has big consequences that add up.  Think about it.  Every day, that’s 50 parents leaving their children; 50 spouses separated from their partners; 50 sons and daughters removed from their families; 50 breadwinners put behind bars, leaving their loved ones struggling to get by.  In one year, that’s 18,250 overwhelmingly nonviolent offenders going to federal prison. Most of them will serve at least five years.

FAMM is working hard to fix the mistake Congress made 20 years ago.  We know the human toll of mandatory minimum sentences, and that’s why we’re still fighting.  Legislation is beginning to move in Congress.  Real reform looks more do-able now than it has any time in the last 20 years.

But we can’t make reform a reality without your financial support!  Now is the best time to give, because all donations given to FAMM before the end of this year will be matched dollar-for-dollar by one of our generous supporters.  Your gift goes twice as far if you give before December 31!  It’s just one of the many ways FAMM is ensuring you get some real bang for your buck when you support us.

We don’t want to see another day go by in which another 50 people are treated unjustly.  We know you don’t want to either, so click here to donate to FAMM today!



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