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All Politics Is Local August 12, 2009

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Jennifer Seltzer Stitt, Federal Legislative Affairs Director of FAMM, gives us an update:

There is a saying that all politics is local. This is never more true than in August, when members of Congress leave the seclusion of Washington and go home to talk to and hear from their constituents: people like you.

During this month, your voice is more powerful and more important than any lobbyist or special interest in Washington, D.C.  Over the next few weeks, your representative will be available to meet with you in his or her district office and listen to you at town hall meetings and small community gatherings. Let your representative know what you think!

It would be great if they could hear from you about two bills I told you about last month. One is H.R. 3245, a bill that would eliminate the sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine. The other is H.R. 3327, a bill that would allow courts to sentence below a mandatory minimum. This is an amazing opportunity to move these bills forward.

Meetings, town halls and community gatherings only make a difference if you speak out! It is easy to do. We have step-by-step instructions to help you take action in your community this month.  Each of these resources is in Adobe .pdf format.  Check out:

  • FAMM’s citizen action kit, “Advocating for Change: A Grassroots Guide to Influencing Lawmakers.”
  • Tips on participating in a town hall meeting.
  • Instructions on setting up a district office visit with your representative.
  • Talking points on H.R. 3245 and H.R. 3327.
  • Unlike Vegas, what happens at home doesn’t stay at home.  What happens at home can help advance legislation in Washington. Help us make reform a reality by making it the priority to contact your representative at home. Make a call, schedule a visit, or attend an event and talk about sentencing reform with your representative.



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