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Another shot at justice November 1, 2011

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From Julie Stewart, FAMM President:

Today over 12,000 people in federal prison serving sentences for crack cocaine violations get another shot at justice! As of today, they can apply for sentence reductions that could shave up to three years off their sentences!


This opportunity is the last step in the crack cocaine reforms that started in 2010 when Congress passed the Fair Sentencing Act. This change was long overdue, but it would never have happened without your help.


As soon as the U.S. Sentencing Commission voted to make the crack guideline changes retroactive, we prepared information to help FAMM members understand how to take advantage of this opportunity!  We are thrilled to learn that many members are getting out today and many more will follow in the months ahead.

If you work for FAMM, contribute to FAMM, or simply support our mission, days like today are among the best. Abstract ideas of justice and fairness become very real – as real as the individuals walking through a prison gate and into the waiting arms of their loved ones.

If you know someone who is still uncertain as to whether they are eligible for relief or how to obtain early release, please consult FAMM’s fact sheet.


Unfortunately, not all prisoners will benefit from the new crack sentences, especially those subject to mandatory minimum sentences. Only Congress can make the Fair Sentencing Act’s changes to the crack mandatory minimum sentences retroactive. Bipartisan legislation to accomplish that goal has been introduced but has not received consideration.

To all our members who will be rejoining their families and communities today and in the coming months, we wish you nothing but the best. Stay in touch. To those families still fighting for a second chance, please know that your fight is our fight – and we have a lot of fight left in us.



1. sharon - November 5, 2011

FAMM is the best!

2. anonymos - December 31, 2011

they r putting men in prison for pettie crimes like inmate 14543523. at S.C.I oregon DOC. hes an amazingman got sentenced 3 yrs for burg 1 on his own house. he lost his amazing job,house,family, they punished him 2x for the same crime. hes such an asset to our community always a go getter. please release him give the bedto someone who deserves to be in their.