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CSG Justice Center Creates Reentry Programs Database July 22, 2010

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The Council of State Governments Justice Center announced today the launch of an online Reentry Programs Database, developed with support from the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) and the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), U.S. Department of Justice. It is designed to catalogue adult and juvenile programs nationwide that work to make individuals’ return to communities from prisons, jails, and juvenile corrections facilities safer and more successful.

“Every day, ex-offenders return to communities in need of programs and resources that support the challenges associated with reentry. Now, service providers throughout the country will have access to a database of programs that will help those seeking services achieve their full potential,” said COPS Director Bernard K. Melekian.

“As BJA provides $100 million in funding to state, local, and tribal communities for reentry programs through the Second Chance Act, it is essential that these communities know about the strategies in use in other parts of the nation, to facilitate a peer-to-peer learning network so that we have the ability to learn from each other’s best practices. That is exactly why BJA has supported this project,” said BJA Acting Director James H. Burch, II.

The database will feature a variety of programs, ranging from community-based efforts to statewide initiatives. It will highlight self-reported innovative programs that have implemented promising practices and policies to facilitate successful reentry. This tool was developed with three goals: to promote peer-to-peer exchanges, highlight progress in the field, and help people returning home and their families to connect with local programs that can facilitate reentry.

“The unveiling of the Justice Center’s Reentry Programs Database marks the first effort to create a national clearinghouse of promising reentry initiatives. This new resource will better inform policymakers and practitioners as they implement policies and programs designed to support stronger families and communities and increase public safety,” says Dr. Frank Straub, Justice Center board member and director of public safety, City of Indianapolis.

Designed to be user-friendly, the database includes these features:

* Unlimited profiles. This online tool will allow reentry program staff to create multiple profiles for individual programs and initiatives by completing an online survey that gathers detailed information on target population, services, program activities, and data-collection efforts.
* Multiple search capabilities. Users can generate a targeted list of programs, with the option to search by state or by topic area. Available topic areas include employment, housing, law enforcement, and families.
* Additional resources. Profiles available in the database may include links to relevant media articles, research, and evaluations.

The Reentry Programs Database can be accessed at http://reentrypolicy.org/reentry-program-examples/reentry-programs-start. Jurisdictions with reentry programs are encouraged to create or update profiles.



1. Caleb McKean - July 25, 2010

Im an ex-offfender who went through the system. I faced sevral layoffs from very, very small businesses. I havent had a job in years but never the less I have a house. The transitional process sucks in Oregon and I could see how so many people recidivise. I wont hold my breath on this one actually working.

2. Caleb McKean - July 25, 2010

Im placing my bet with recidivism across the board.