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FAMM Update April 5, 2012

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From Julie Stewart, FAMM President:

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is my new hero. He is singlehandedly preventing Congress from passing new bills to ban synthetic drug use. Sen. Paul does not want anyone to be harmed by dangerous drugs, of course, but he objects to these bills, in part, because they would extend the most punitive drug-related mandatory minimum to even more individuals. Unfortunately, he is getting some grief from constituents in Kentucky and colleagues in the Senate. But Sen. Paul is holding firm. According to one newspaper report, Sen. Paul “reiterated his main reason for holding up the synthetic drug legislation is penalties for drug law violations are ‘disproportionate’ to the crime and federal sentencing requirements don’t allow room for judicial discretion in sentencing. ‘The main reason we are opposing this is someone could be kept in prison for 20 years,’ Paul said.”

FAMM’s Director of Member Services, Andrea Strong, is a Kentucky resident. She shared her family’s painful experience with mandatory minimums in order to show support for Paul’s efforts. Because Sen. Paul is standing up for what’s right, FAMM is glad to stand with him.



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