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Forced To Choose Between Two Mandatory Minimum Ballot Measures October 18, 2008

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Below are the thoughts of a great contributor of this website. I’m sure they represent what many Oregonians are feeling.

I am being forced, by Mannix and Parks and the legislature to choose between two measures that we shouldn’t need. In this economy I don’t think we can afford either. Maybe we need to do more research when voting for Judges and ask them if they will actually use the laws we pass or if they will continue to put us in this position. In my last post, I gave the link to a law we already have. Why do we need more laws. Judges don’t seem to be using the tools we the taxpayers/voters have given them. Because of that, Oregonians get stuck with laws like Measure 11 and either 57 or 61. When they pass the Judges whine that their power is taken away. We really are not being given a choice if we want more crime measures or not. One or the other is being shoved down our throats.

What are your thoughts?



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