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Help eliminate mandatory sentencing laws December 3, 2012

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Here is an update from Julie Stewart, President of FAMM:

Do you like free money? We do, especially when times are tough. Fortunately, FAMM has a chance to make a lot of free money – but we need your help.

From now until the end of the month, every tax-deductible donation you make to FAMM will be matched dollar-for-dollar by another generous donor. If you give us $50, we will get another $50 for free. Give $100 and we get a free $100. Or go big and contribute $5,000 and we will receive an extra $5,000 at no cost!

Free money! What’s not to like?

This matching program lasts only one month so please give what you can today!

FAMM is the only national organization that is focused like a laser beam on eliminating mandatory sentencing laws across the country. We get no government money. We are lucky to receive some funding from supportive grant makers, but we rely for the rest on people like you.

I know you know how important this cause is so I am not going to blab on and on about how unjust, stupid, and wasteful mandatory sentences are. I just want to make sure you remember that – because of the matching program – now is the best time of the year to give!

Donations can be made by check or credit card. We do not recommend sending cash through the mail. Make a secure online donation by clicking here. When making your gift by check, please make your check payable to FAMM and mail it to:

Families Against Mandatory Minimums
1100 H Street NW, Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20005

FAMM loves free money – so I hope I can count on you to give your biggest contribution today!



1. Susan L Reese - April 2, 2017

Family physician interested in joining others to repeal Measure 11/ORS137.700 mandatory minimum sentencing. I feel pretty well versed on this issue and am willing and able to discuss the situation intelligently and calmly. I feel an evidence-based approach is necessary and I have reviewed several years of the Oregon Uniform Crime Report and it is very obvious that we now have no idea of Oregon’s true crime rate.
Please add me to any mailing lists or contact me at 503-288-7921 if I can join the effort.