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Honoring Our Veterans November 11, 2016

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Today we honor our nation’s Veterans. Thank you for your service and all you’ve done for this country. Julie Stewart, President of FAMM, reminds us to also remember a forgotten group.

On Veterans Day, our country remembers and honors the brave and selfless service of our men and women in the U.S. military. Unfortunately, there’s one particular group of veterans often forgotten: those behind bars.

Just because our veterans in prison are out of sight doesn’t mean they are out of mind – or unappreciated. Here at FAMM, we like to honor them. Recently, we asked veterans in federal prisons to share what their military service meant to them and how it impacted them. The prisoners who responded to us were proud of their service and glad to be remembered for more than just the crimes they committed.

Bradley was honorably discharged after suffering a traumatic brain injury during six years of service in the U.S. Army. He writes, “After my injury, it was very difficult to adjust from a life of constant deployments to a life where I wasn’t allowed to work or even drive a car. After two years of this I had become severely depressed and began to use drugs to self-medicate. Consequently, I went out and got a part-time job seating tables at a restaurant. Unfortunately, the owner of the restaurant was a narcotics dealer who ultimately persuaded me to become involved. Today, I am very ashamed of making that horrible decision.” He is serving more than 25 years in prison for his drug offense.

Click here to read more stories and quotes from our veterans in prison and their loved ones.

This Veterans Day, FAMM gives our heartfelt thanks to those behind bars who have served in the U.S. military. Please remember them this week as you celebrate the veterans in your own families and communities.



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