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Last Chance to Help Pass Sentencing Reform July 27, 2010

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This is the real deal. Congress leaves town on Friday. They must do something for sentencing justice before they go – but I need you to help me make it happen!

Last week I asked you to call your representative and tell him to support the crack bill, S. 1789, and you responded by the hundreds. Now we need thousands of FAMM members to pick up the phone today and call the leaders of the House of Representatives, the ones who make the decision about whether the bill should come up for a vote. And, if you haven’t called your representative, do so immediately!

Please make these two phone calls first: One to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). And one to Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland).

Speaker of the House Pelosi: (202) 225-0100
House Majority Leader Hoyer (202) 225-3130

Your message to them is simple:

“I am calling to tell the leadership that I want them to vote on the crack bill, S. 1789, before they go home for the August break. The bill corrects an injustice in the law that is long overdue and it reflects the values of liberty, equality, and compassion that all Americans share.”

If the person who answers the phone tells you to call your own representative, tell them you already have (if you haven’t, click here). Then explain that you are calling them because Rep. Pelosi or Rep. Hoyer are the leaders of the House of Representatives.

Then, call your representative. If you’ve already called, ask your friends to call their representatives. They can find their names on the FAMM website (click here). Make your calls now – today and Wednesday!

We can do this! We can get this bill passed!

I’ve worked on sentencing reform for 19 years, ever since my brother went to prison for growing marijuana. None of the reforms we achieved while he was in prison helped him but I know they helped others – maybe even your loved one. I know this isn’t the perfect bill – it isn’t retroactive and it doesn’t eliminate the disparity completely – but we are not going to get the perfect right now. We can get this bill. And we can use it to push for even bigger changes in the future. So please help me help others now.

I’m depending on you. Our strength is our numbers, our voices, our passion, and our knowledge that we’re on the right side of this issue. Make your calls today! Ask your family and friends to call today! Let’s win this one!

Thank you for making the difference!



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