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Letter to the editor in the Oregonian newspaper dated January 18, 2007 February 3, 2007

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Here’s a recent letter to the editor in the Oregonian:

Oregon has done a very poor job of managing revenue over the past years. This is not the fault of our forests, rivers, lakes etc. It is the fault of the “leaders” of this state. We have tried to spend as though Oregon is an affluent state. Notice to everyone: OREGON IS NOT AN AFFLUENT STATE. We are currently ranked 29th, which is up from 34th in 2004. Yet, we are still trying to spend more for new programs, “plus raising more taxes and spending them, too”. (Oregonian) Being an affluent “wannabe” does not work. It is time someone recognizes Oregon’s problem.

“Oregon has the worst credit ratings of any state in the nation”. “Oregon’s bond rating is the third lowest of all states.” (Oregonian 1-18-07)


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