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Make your calls today! October 5, 2011

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Today is the day!  I encourage you, your friends and family, and all of the networks you’re a part of to join today’s national call-in day! Call U.S. Senate leadership today and ask them to prioritize and pass the National Criminal Justice Commission Act, S. 306:




1. Dawn - November 9, 2011

PLEASE READ!!!!!!…My son born Feb. 7, 1989 was a beautiful baby boy and born into a loving family. He was the second child born to our family. He was a great kid…raised with morals and love. My son was a loving child and as he was growing up he always knew he wanted to be a chef. While still in highschool he was part of a work program that allowed him to go to school part of the day and then go to work in our local hospital as a cook…HE LOVED IT!…after graduation the hospital hired him fulltime. He then married his wife and they had a daughter. He is a wonderful husband and father. He decided that he wanted to join the coastguard, so in the fall of 2010 he took the test and scored in the 170’s which is VERY good…he only needed a 145 to enter the coastguard. He and his wife decided that they wanted to moved to a place where he could expand his talent in being a chef and somewhere on the coast. They moved to Oregon in October, 2010. My daughter-in-law found out before the move that she is due to have a second child due in Novemeber, 2011. My son was able to acquire a GREAT position in Seaside, OR. as a chef in one of the upscale restaurants. They loved him there, people would call ahead of time to make sure that he was working so that he would be cooking their food…LOL…After only being there for 6 months my son made a very BAD decision. He got involved with a WRONG crowd and they were involved in drugs. He was arrested in May on charges of Robbery 1. He didn’t hurt anyone and he only got just over 200.00 cash from the small business. He admitted guilt at the time of arrest and has been very cooperative thru everything. My son has no prior record and is a GOOD kid that made a BAD decision. Due to the MEASURE 11 the tax payors of OR. will be paying to keep him in prison for 7.5 years. RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!…HAS ANYONE WATCHED THE NEWS?! …even Michael Jackson’s doctor is getting less time for involuntary manslaughter. My son knows what he has done and what he is facing….since his arrest he has missed the birth of his son and his daughters 2 birthday. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT I CAN DO TO HELP MAKE THE CHANGE ON MEASURE 11. I am not asking that my son be set free…but it needs to be FAIR…how fair is it to throw a person in the same cell as covicted murders and HORRIBLE sex offenders. Considering what he did is NOT the same.

2. Shirley Roper - December 9, 2011

Ditto: My son got10 for the same…on a drug induced spree and should have been charged with one yr for all, then given a plea from there. But the lawyers made it look like a bonnie and clyde scene and threw the measure 11 at him on his first offense and will not help him with rehabilitation or anything, just 10 hard years, day for day, and the judge thought it funny to charge him to pay the public defender…how rediculous. They are threatening to ruin his credit, LOL…cause in 10 years it will all go away anyway.
They arn’t really trying to help just get convictions and look good. Just because their fmailies can’t afford lawyers, they are using these as patsy cases to try and drive the law where they want it. My son is a genious. He will take advantage of the system and use it against them, eventually, to make sure that, in Oregon, the public system takes the right measure with those who stand in the courtrooms of justice.