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Measure 11 report gets national award November 20, 2011

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A report by the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission about mandatory minimum sentences has earned it a top national award.

The report formally is known as “Longitudinal Study of the Application of Measure 11 and Mandatory Minimums in Oregon,” by Michael Wilson, Craig Prins, and Kelly Officer. It won the 2011 Phillip Hoke Award from the Justice Research and Statistics Association, and is presented to statistical analysis centers for translating statistics and research into informational reports on public policy.

The Oregon report won the award in the category of research/policy analysis for small centers with five or fewer full-time professional staff members. There are only two categories, and awards in each category are given to small and larger centers.



1. Debra - February 22, 2012

I think there are some serious issues with measure 11 and the way the justice system works. I know somoen who had a really ignorant public defender and was forced tp plead to a crime he did not commit. He now is tagged as a sex offender and must register every time he moves. I know the circumstances behind the incident and there was some personal conspiracies involved with the girl in questiona and his exwife. If this issue had been thourally investigated, this would never have happened. So how will you fix issues like this? peoples lives can be ruined, by misunderstandings and the DA’s office trying to just plead out cases instead of really looking into them. This man is just one example, how many others are there???

2. Vindy - February 26, 2012

Debra, My some is in a similar situation and it’s a nightmare. How can we fight this injustice and many others out there. Threatened and scared into plea bargains is a tactic becoming all too common.

3. Cindy - February 26, 2012

Sorry Didn’t proof read for errors…I’ll type again

Debra, My son is in a similar situation….

4. Cindy - February 26, 2012

Debra, My son is in a similar situation and it’s been a nightmare. The injustice that is being done to innocent men and women who have no way to fight a DA and and incompetent public defenders the threat of 10’s of years in prison vs a plea bargain. Labeled for the rest of their lives due to a nasty custody battle and vicious hateful people. Until it knocks on the door, most Oregonians are ignorant to what is really happening.

5. VickyG - April 18, 2012

My son’s past was never looked into.Then the DA threatened him– a 15 yr old kid — that if he did not accept a plea bargain of 5 yrs & 10 mos then she would get his Co defendant to testify against my son. I have the police report and according to what the co-defendant stated,it was he who started a conversation about doing what they did. My son is developmentally disabled and has a biological brain disorder. Scaring him like that didn’t help him.He definitely did not deserve what he got. If a judge were allowed to look at the situation I am 100% positive my son would be home.No one was harmed and it was not a sex crime. The victim didn’t even want to press charges but the DA did. Give Oregon back our judges.