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Measure 61, Mannix’s mandatory minimum measure, was beaten by Measure 57! November 5, 2008

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Election Results Are In!

We should take a moment to celebrate this incredible victory!

Yes, Measure 57 is flawed and was a difficult compromise. We acknowledge that. But make no mistake about the importance of what just happened. Through successful organizing, we averted the worst prison building policy proposal and what would have been the largest incarceration increase of non-violent offenders in Oregon ’s history. Certainly this is a moment worth commemorating.

Our Campaign’s Beginning: On April 5, 2008, Partnership for Safety and Justice held a campaign kickoff at a middle school in Salem/Keizer. Over one hundred and twenty people attended the day-long event designed to defeat IP 40 (Measure 61.)

Since May, PSJ volunteers have logged 1,770 hours and conducted personal outreach to over 15,000 Oregon voters through over 70 community presentations, over 4,500 doors knocked, 14,000 targeted phone calls, and 24 fundraising events.

PSJ was also a founding member of the steering committee that developed The Better Way to Fight Crime Committee. This Political Action Committee was the primary vehicle in the work to pass Measure 57.

So What Does This Mean for Oregon?

Measure 57’s success is an indication that Oregonians may be concerned about crime, but they want a smarter and different approach than the status quo. The public recognizes that a primary focus on prison building and incarceration is costly and ineffective, while investing in treatment and other prevention-focused programs reduces future crime and saves tax dollars in the process.

The legislature should take 57’s success as a clear message that Oregonians want a more thoughtful approach to public safety. It is not about posturing as tough but rather promoting policies that are smart. We will let the legislature know they need to deliver the treatment money promised in Measure 57. And in the long term, legislators should promote safe and sensible sentencing reform, restore judicial discretion , and begin to get a handle on Oregon’s burgeoning prison system. Thanks to All of You Who Helped Defeat Measure 61’s Mandatory Minimum Madness!
We have more work to do, but let’s celebrate the victory.



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