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Oh So Close October 24, 2011

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Update from FAMM:

Over the last few months, we asked you to call, email and all but shout from the rooftops to convince Congress to pass the National Criminal Justice Commission Act (NCJCA), a bill that would lead to a top-to-bottom review of the criminal justice system. You responded and we got oh-so-close yesterday!  The U.S. Senate vote was 57 – 43, just three votes short of getting the NCJCA included as part of a fiscal 2012 spending bill.

Because of your tireless work, every Senate Democrat and Independent voted for the NCJCA amendment and so did four Senate Republicans. We would love for you to send them a thank you note, letting them know that they have constituents who share their concerns that the criminal justice system needsreview.


Even if your U.S. senators did not vote for the NCJCA amendment, you should write them to urge them to reconsider their position on it.  It’s not dead – it just didn’t move forward yesterday.  We’re fighting to bring it up again during this Congress and we want members of Congress to know that their constituents support it.


Please click here to find out how your U.S. senators voted and thank them for voting for the NCJCA, or urge them to reconsider their position and support it in the future.

Thanks again for getting us so close.  Next time, we’ll win!



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