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Pro-Measure 11 Mannix Focuses on Additional Ballot Measures February 5, 2007

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You can’t keep Kevin Mannix down for long.

Nine months after the hyperactive Salem lawyer suffered a lopsided defeat in the Republican primary for governor — his fourth loss in a row in a statewide race — Mannix is back in the thick of Oregon politics.

He is working on five ballot measures that could come before voters in November 2008. They range from tough-on-crime proposals to tax credits for public- and private-school parents.

In addition to running his Salem law practice, the former state lawmaker also is lobbying the Legislature for his pet causes and is spending 15 hours a week at the Capitol.

“I thought, ‘How could I be of service?'” Mannix said. “It’s me just returning to some of my old hobbies.”

His renewed focus on initiatives is a return to the arena that gave Mannix a statewide political profile in the mid-1990s.

Fellow conservative Bill Sizemore gets more attention for using the initiative system to rewrite Oregon’s laws and Constitution. But Mannix has been just as prolific getting measures on the ballot, and more effective at getting his passed.

Seven measures passed

In 1994, he helped pass three tough-on-crime initiatives, including one that stiffened prison sentences for violent felons and forced a wave of prison construction in Oregon.

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1. rose of sharon - February 12, 2007

Mannix is a trouble-maker. He does not want the good for oregonians. He is going to have to beg for money, I heard he was broke.

2. rose of sharon - February 12, 2007

Kevin Mannix is evil!

3. rose of sharon - February 13, 2007


Am I alone out here? Let’s get this blog rolling! Please