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Road to Recovery September 7, 2010

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Hello my name is Jean and I was in the CURE group for a while.

I thank you for reading this. I am forwarding some information from a cause that I support. One of my good friends has made a serious commitment to create a Meth addiction Recovery center. One of the goals is to make available treatment for drug related criminals. Her son was the inspiration to start this non-profit business. He spent time in prison as a result of drug related crimes but never received treatment. As a result he re-offended while relapsing and did more time. He has never recieved drug addiction treatment. Consequently the same thing happened to my own son. The need for these types of criminals to get the treatment they need and not just punishment is critical!! It’s a change we all should be fighting for!

Please visit the following website to learn more and get involved if you are so moved.


There will be a 5k run/walk “Road to Recovery” on September 12th and the proceeds go to build this important program. View more on the “Events” link regarding that event.

Our mission is to save and rebuild lives from substance abuse with intervention, effective treatment and a life plan of recovery.

Just In Time strives to end the cycle of addiction.

Fact: 90-95% of persons incarcerated in the Lane County Jail have either substance abuse or mental health issues which relates directly to continued increase in property crime, theft and recidivism. Meth and drug addiction is a community issue that effects us all. In Lane County only 11% of those that need help for addiction are able to get help due to lack of treatment centers.

Oregon tops the national average in drug abuse

Drug related problems cost Oregon tax payers 6 billion per year

In Lane County Oregon, 90% of new felony cases are meth related.

Because of Meth in Lane County, our current arrest rate for violent crime is double the national average.



1. Jonna Emineth - September 8, 2010

My son now is serving a 12 year sentence for bank robbery. 2 weeks prior to the robbery he was in a chemical dependency treatment facility for meth addiction. He only got to complete 2 weeks of the program because in his second week he turned 21 years old & our insurance termed. The facility wanted 15 thousand dollars and we simply did not have the funds. We flew him back to Eugene put him in a half way house & I began searching for a facility that would take him. Every where I turned the cost for this treatment was on the average 75, 000 dollars. My heart was broken when the news hit the papers that he had been arrested for a bank robbery. I do not live in Lane County but would like to help out in any way that I can.