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Second Chance Act suddenly stalls May 21, 2007

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We need you to write your U.S. Representative today!

H.R. 1593, the Second Chance Act, is a bill which would provide funds for programs that help formerly incarcerated people reenter society. Unfortunately, H.R. 1593 was not voted on by the House of Representatives on May 15th as scheduled. Instead, the bill was pulled off the floor at the last minute by Democratic leaders who were concerned there were not enough votes to ensure its passage. Two-thirds of the House of Representatives (290 Representatives) must vote in favor of this bill to pass it. The Second Chance Act currently has 92 bipartisan co-sponsors.

We need your continued support of the Second Chance Act

Here’s some background – Across the country, over 2.2 million people are in prisons and jails, and every year nearly 650,000 people a year are being released from state and federal prisons. In Oregon, thousands of people are being released from prison each year. Without adequate support, too many people wind up back in prison. If passed, the federal Second Chance Act can help turn that around. The federal Second Chance Act is a combination of policy changes and funding meant to improve the rough transition from prison to the community. The Second Chance Act establishes a National Re-entry Resource Center and allocates millions in grants to state and local governments for re-entry. These grants — for housing, addiction treatment, and mentoring programs — can directly address the biggest barriers to successful re-entry for thousands of people leaving prison and returning home to Oregon communities.

Please write your U.S. Representative and let him or her know that you support the Second Chance Act.



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