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Strong Juvenile Reentry Plan Webinar May 25, 2011

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Educational attainment is connected to a wide variety of important outcomes, from employment and income to health and well-being. The potential impact of education is even greater for youth in the juvenile justice system facing educational deficiencies greater than their peers. Education can bridge youth in residential placement to employment, reduce the risk of recidivism, and increase the likelihood of successfully transitioning to the community and to adulthood.

This webinar will describe the elements of strong educational programs in residential facilities, strategies for ensuring continuity to community-based academic and vocational programs, and the roles different juvenile justice system parties play in ensuring educational opportunities for youth committed to placement. This webinar, moderated by Shay Bilchik, founder and director of the Center for Juvenile Justice Reform at Georgetown University Public Policy Institute, will feature presentations by:

When: Wednesday, June 15th, at 2 pm ET.

To register for this webinar, please click here.



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