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The law November 8, 2006

Posted by missmybrother in : The Bill , trackback

Many people have a hard time finding the actual wording of measure 11. I did a search and came up with this link:


There is a lot of additional legal text on this page. Just use your browser’s find feature to zoom in on measure 11. Click on “Edit” and then on “Find in This Page…” Type in something like “mandatory minimum.” This will take you to the beginning of the measure. There is a lot there, and perhaps there is even more in a different section.



1. rose of sharon - December 27, 2006

very good information on this site, good job eric.
I hope more come a board. We can’t give up trying to correct a bad law, I would at least like to see the power taken away from district attorney’s. I would like to see “earned good time” There are to many to list. Lets start talking!


2. rose of sharon - February 13, 2007

Hello everyone,

It would be sooooooo nice to see some input on this blog!

3. rose of sharon - February 14, 2007

Hi again,

Now is your opportunity to talk about the in-justice of bm11. If we don’t communicate were lost. There is so much good info on this site.