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The Pieces Are In Place For Crack Reform October 26, 2009

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Julie Stewart, President of FAMM, gives us this update:

Urgent news from the U.S. Senate!
Senator Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) introduced The Fair Sentencing Act – a bill to get rid of the notorious “100-to-1” ratio between crack and powder cocaine penalties.
This means that one more piece of the crack cocaine puzzle is now in place and the picture is nearly complete – the White House and Department of Justice have endorsed the elimination of the cocaine sentencing disparity; the U.S. Sentencing Commission has found the disparity unreasonable; the House of Representatives introduced legislation to equalize crack and powder cocaine penalties last summer; and now the Senate has, too!
We need to put all the pieces together and send President Obama the crack reform legislation he has already asked for!
To do that we need to see the crack cocaine bills voted on and passed in the House of Representatives and in the Senate.  Because as important as it is that the Senate introduced crack cocaine legislation today, if Senators don’t approve the bill, it does us little good.
So, in the next few weeks we’ll give you a chance to contact your Senators and ask for their support.  For a full description of the Senate crack bill, click here.
The best way to support our efforts today is to make a contribution to FAMM!  Every dollar you donate to FAMM will get us one step closer to our goal of sentencing justice and, remember, every dollar you give before December 31 will be matched by one of our generous donors.  Talk about getting some bang for your buck!
Click here to make your online donation today. Together, we can put these last pieces of the puzzle in place!


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