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Time Off For Good Behavior a Measure 11 Necessity November 17, 2010

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This is an opinion from the Statesman Journal

I am an inmate enrolled in an OSU sociology class taught inside the Oregon State Penitentiary.

The class, made up of half inmates/half university students, focuses on crime, communities, prisons and prevention.

I am serving a mandatory Measure 11 sentence and I can tell you from my personal experience that many of us are working toward becoming more productive members of society by participating in classes and job opportunities available at OSP. I strongly encourage concerned citizens and lawmakers to allow inmates to be able to receive “earned time” off their sentences in exchange for good behavior during incarceration.

Gov. Kulongoski’s Reset Cabinet recently recommended up to 15 percent earned time off for the majority of Measure 11 sentences. Offering earned time incentive promotes good behavior inside prison while, more importantly, promoting the changes necessary for true rehabilitation outside of prison.

Currently, Measure 11 doesn’t allow for judges’ discretion and expertise in sentencing. Furthermore, it costs the state excessive dollars that are spent on incarceration only, which provides the least amount of treatment and incentive necessary for rehabilitation.

Allowing Measure 11 offenders earned time incentive is a responsible solution to reduce the costs of corrections.

— Jeremy Jordan, Salem



1. Donna Traw - November 21, 2010

I so agree with Jeremy, these Measure 11 sentence are to long and severe for the crimes! And to not get off for good time is wrong. The money spent on most Measure 11 “criminals” would help our schools, social and medical programs. Our prison systems are such a BIG rip off to the taxpayers-if they only knew of the WASTE. My son was just sent to prison for being a witness to a fatal accident that the DA and cop wanted to “set an example of speed racing” 2 young mens lives were ruined by this, one did kill the child, but the other was just a witness. They were just going home after work-it was a tragic accident! Now they will spend 75 months in prison-WHY? We need the right people to get behind having Measure 11 sentences repealed!!!!

2. MERCEDES - January 6, 2011

I So Argee Measure 11 sentence are to long and severe for the crimes! And to not get off for good time is wrong. My son is Serving 7 Year on this Measure 11 and Robbery he didnt do i know for sure but did anyone hear us no WE HAD NO CHANGES EVEN IF A PERSON WAS TO DO IT 7 YEARS PLZ THE TIME SHOULD FIT THE TIME TO MEANY YOUNG MEN ARE BEING PUT AWAY LET ALL CHANGE THAT

3. Shalina - February 26, 2011

My childrens father is in for Measure 11 crimes. He was sentenced to 19 years for one crime they just times everything by 8 because there were 8 people present when the crime happen, He was 20 at the time he has been in for almost 9 years he is now 29. We have children that need their father back..I no he regrets what he did, and if given the chance to be back with his family, he would NEVER commit another crime. The other man my childerns father did the crime with has got out with a clemency..when we applied the governor denied it.

4. Wendi Julian - June 19, 2011

Measure 11 sucks! my husband ia serving a 75 month term because of accusations made by a very ill foster child. My children ages 17 and 15 are devestated and deserve to have their loving father back home. My husband is a religious man who has never in his life been arrested for anything. Our dayghter has been raped, we know first hand what trauma that causes, he would NEVER do such a thing. I truly hope good time becomes an option.

5. betsy - June 19, 2011

These stories are heart breaking, and they wonder why someone would confess to a crime the did not committ, well some people cant handle the thought of being convicted of a crime they didnt committ and it end up being a measure 11 sentance! I could go on and on about why this measure is unfair but I will say that it is not being used the way voters were led to believe it would be. It was supose to be for hardend repeat offenders! not for two men who decide to get in a fist fight within city limits! just an example of the petty crimes that are falling under this measure every day!

6. Vicky - July 1, 2011

I have a brother who got charged with measure 11 and is serving 16 years with 5 more to go. We all know the law. If you choose to break the law then that’s on you! Yes, I do miss my brother dearly but I’m a firm believer in obeying the law and in punishment if you don’t. I also believe that if you are being productive while incarcerated by trying to better yourself so you can come out and be a better member of society then you deserve some time off your sentence. With that being said I dont think the sentences are long and severe. It’s fitting to the crime. ITS YOUR OWN DOING!

7. Wendi Julian - July 1, 2011

Vicky; I have always believed just as you, however I have found through intense investigation that there are far more people serving time under measure 11 that do not deserve to be in jail than those that do. Then there are many (like the man who violently raped my daughter after meeting her 10 minutes before, he was 30 and she only 16) that should be charged under measure 11 that are let off by district attorneys that don’t want to work for their pay. The grand jury in my daughters rape charged the guy with 6 measure 11 crimes that were all wipes away in his plea deal. My husband was only charges with 3 lesser measure 11 crimes. My daughter’s rapist had 10 initial charges and will serve 3 years less than my husband, that is not justice! I do not agree with your opinion in this when most are not as guilty as the state would have us believe.

8. MERCEDES - July 2, 2011

Measure 11 is a person to person crime so that why the measure was done so they say so why the hell is rapes child molester getting 3 years that a crime that no one should have to go thought that’s something that destroys the victims live as times it some thing he or she can’t ever stop thing about a fight or robbery you will forget and you can move on with there life it seem like here in Oregon the laws saying its OK to rap or molest because the basters get 3 year 5 year but don’t get in to a fight or robe any one because you will get the 7 year and six m come on justice needs to be done as lease the crime should fit the time not monitory time on this measure 11 i don’t know even how to start trying to make a different but ill try

9. leah miner - February 4, 2012

my husband got a 70 month sentence for nicking a DRUG DEALER on the neck with a knife. they called the cops then the man refused transport to the hospital. now my kids get to learn to walk and start school without their daddy. it is disgusting. everything about this is unfair. one strike is all it takes. when this law was up for vote we talked about it in school. i remember thinking it would be used to keep nasty tweakers off the streets. not 22 year olds who make one mistake.

10. Becki - August 15, 2012

my son got a 70 month measure 11 and he wasnt the one who actually did the robbery where he is now only barely 20 and doesnt have a criminal record this is his first one. where the guy who actually did do the robbery got 36 mos and is a career criminal and is out walking the streets now i dont think they gave my son a fair chance at all

11. Grandmothers - September 20, 2014

In 2012 I plead guilty to a crime I did not commit after being in jail only 16 days. I was completely stressed out of my mind and starving. Sitting alone in a cell 22 hours a day with little to eat and no milk, I plead guilty to get out of jail.
I was 51. I had never been in trouble before so I thought it would be easy to avoid a probation violation. Without going into details I met someone that wanted to impress me. When the police arrested him I told him I was on probation and could go to prison if I was charged. He said “Don’t worry they got me.” He changed his story and now I may go to prison because he said I told him to take something.
Yes, the thought of it sucks but the thought of no good time is a horrible. I spent time in jail with a bunch of wacked out tweakers/drug dealers. They will get good time, I wont. I certainly am not a hardened criminal. My only hope is that the judge does not revoke my probation and send me away. I am a Grandmother to two infants. One was born while I was in jail. I have seen her once in her life. Her first memories of me could be visiting Grandmother in prison.
Write letters to anyone and everyone to change this Measure.
PLEASE! Write letters to your congressman, judges anyone. I have sentencing in a few days so you can’t help me but you may be able to help someone else.