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Truly Fair Sentencing Act December 18, 2010

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Here’s a message from Julie Stuart, FAMM President:

Good news! A bill introduced today would make last summer’s changes to crack cocaine penalties retroactive. H.R. 6548, the Fair Sentencing Clarification Act, would let judges apply the reduced crack penalties in the Fair Sentencing Act (FSA) to those who received punitive sentences before the new law took effect.

The sponsor of the bill is House Crime Subcommittee Chairman Bobby Scott. He championed the passage of the FSA and is championing its retroactivity. By introducing this bill, Rep. Scott is saying to Congress and the Administration that he is not walking away from this important issue and neither should they. Rep. Scott is also sending us a clear message: he stands with FAMM members in the fight to achieve retroactivity!

As important as this development is, please know that we do NOT expect this bill to become law this year. There simply isn’t enough time to get this bill through Congress with so few days left in the term.

But it’s not too late to let your federal representative know that this is a good bill and that they should support retroactivity of the crack bill, this year and next. Please follow this link and contact your Representative to tell him/her that you support H.R. 6548 and want to see the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 become the Truly Fair Sentencing Act by making it retroactive!

We’re not going to rest until Congress applies the new crack law to everyone.



1. Chanetta Doxy - December 19, 2010

I feel that the law should be pasted it was done on a state level why not Federal. I mean a lot of people feel that both drugs are of equal quality and value on the street so why not make the time given the same? This law will help my child as well as many other people convicted and given more time that a person who has killed someone for just selling cocaine. I pray to God that people will accpted and help get this bill passed.

2. VANESSA MACKMORE - December 22, 2010

I believe that this bill should be accepted, on the grounds of equal rights. This year the State releash a man for MURDER after only serving 12 years of 24 year sentence. This man took a young woman LIFE, so how is it that he is walking and talking living his life FREE. The young woman in question will never know, what was in store for her. Whether or not she would have a husband and children of her own. This is wear equal rights come in to play, the last time i check this IS AMERICA right well make sure we have our EQUAL RIGHTS pass the BILL. Let our family member go, please let them see there children grow older and be responsible adults in life. May GOD BLEESS YOU ALL.