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OregonMeasure11.com Website Goes Mobile June 7, 2011

Posted by FairSentencing in : Your Help , trackback

I recently purchased an Android smart phone, and today checked how this blog looks on the mobile device.  Shockingly, it looked terrible!  As the growth of smart phones and tablets continue, more people will be using the internet on their mobile devices than their desktops or laptops.

So today, I’ve installed new technology that will automatically detect whether you are accessing this website from a computer or a mobile device.  If you are coming here on your computer, you will not see any changes.  However, if you go to our site on your mobile device you will see the blog in a very easy to read format specifically designed for small screens.

This way you can easily read the latest news regarding Oregon’s Measure 11 and interact with the site from anywhere, using any device.

Thank you for your loyal participation!  I’m very pleased to continue to keep you informed and highly value your comments and readership!!



1. John - June 7, 2011

You are on the cutting edge! Thanks for that. I love your blog and come here often.

2. Lisa R - September 3, 2011

Has anyone tried the website ” Change.org ” to promote putting an end to this Measure 11 and pushing it forward to more signatures to petition for a change…..Should include stories of those who should have received lesser sentences and the disastrous impact on the lives of the accused and their families. We NEED to petition to change this law… it is inhumane !!!

3. Lisa R - September 3, 2011

Petition to change or remove the Measure 11 law and all the old cases that were tried under Measure 11 retried or adjusted. It seems like no one really investigated the “crimes” and stories …..which makes me wonder how these law officers. attorneys and judges would feel if someone overheard a story and twisted it around and THEY got convicted under Measure 11 just on someone’s say-so…..I thought investigation is a very important part ….

4. Angie Ziesemer - January 21, 2020

I so absolutely agree with you My son whos 23 yrs old raising his 3yr old autistic son by himself has never been involved with ANY crime nor has he Ever used drugs was rescently sentenced to 90 plus 70 months even though the victim himself was present asking and telling the court to please not put my son in prison they still threw the book at him He now is incarcerated with actual criminals and shouldnt be His son is regressing rapidly due to loosing his father and our entire family has been ripped apart and devasted. This law is unjust inhumane and ridiculous It should not be allowed