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Welcome to the Oregonians Against Measure 11 Blog!

Here you will find current information regarding the law passed in 1994 that essentially eliminated our elected judges. The measure introduced mandatory minimum sentences for 21 crimes and gave full prosecuting power to the district attorneys, preventing judges from ruling on the details or merits of a case.

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I think this should be pretty exciting!! Hopefully, we can do some good and start educating our fellow Oregonians!

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1. nepal - January 14, 2007

I was in jail in Marion County. I myself witnessed countless people who were given long sentences under measure 11. Luckily I myself did not fit this category. I saw people get 15 years for domestic cases under measure 11. Since when is kidnapping used for mostly domestic cases in which someone was simply moved in their own house?

I met one young man of 20 years of age who did kill his friend by hitting him with his fists and then with a metal pipe. He is a very nice guy who has no prior criminal record. I do believe he does deserve a prision sentence. However I don’t think he deserved to be sentenced to 25 years in the Oregon State Penitentiary, which he received.
His court appointed attorney talked him into pleading guilty.
He told him he could get out in 10-15 years because of no prior record and his age. The judge concurred with this. However now no one knows what they were talking about as he sits at OSP.

2. rose of sharon - February 10, 2007

Measure 11 is in need for more people to speak out against it.
Tell your friends, tell everyone.
BM11 is used for all the wrong reason, it does not stop crime. I feel your right the young man who has to sits in prison does deserve to be there awhile, but not 25yrs, is 25 yrs going to make him a better person, I think not. To many circustances involved. Base the crime on cicumstances, not because of a one size fits all.

3. rose of sharon - February 12, 2007

Me again, where is everyone who is concerened about the in-justice of bm11? Come on people wake up!

4. nepal - March 10, 2007

Must be not enough people know of this site. I had a hard time finding it
with Google. Everyone spread the word!

5. jaynamy - May 9, 2007

My Husband was in the Marion County Jail and after being there for almost a month I was finally able to get bail. I am so frustrated with our judicial system. We are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty but now I see its the other way around.
He is looking at many years behind bars because the medication he was told to take to help him with bi polar and his anxiety was actually something he should have never been on in the first place. It wasnt until his arrest that I learned how dangerous and yet common this drug is. Now the courts want him behind bars for a minimum of 70 months. That was the plea offer. I feel its wrong and even though I am his wife I am also the also the victim. What he did was push me back off of him that night and it resulted in me getting my jaw fractured. He never struck me or slapped me. I lunged at him and he already had his hands in the air asking me to leave, pushed me back and I had my back against the front door so when he pushed me back off he was at my face level. He never intended on hurting me. He couldnt help himself. The medication is like meth that the doctors had him on and he didnt even remember doing any of it. The jail doctor said it was induced by the medication yet the judicial system says he must go to prison for no less than 70 months.
This is a man that works hard to care for his family. Pays his taxes, stays out of trouble but has had issues with bipolar and anxiety. I think he should be given some help not prison. He has never beaten me and in the 11 years we have been together I would know by now if he was a wife beater or not.

6. nepal - July 25, 2007

Hi Jaynamy,

Are you pressing charges? I assume they will prosecute anyway.
What if you refuse to testify? Have you got a good attorney?
What a deal! Is this supposed to help your marriage??

Marion County is a Sham. DA Gortmaker went to prison
for four years. Then Van Dyke was DA for only 4 years.
Then the crony Dale Penn came in for a couple of decades.
He became State Lottery Director. Then his deputy crony
Beglau assumed the inquisitor’s position.

Our Sheriff’s have all been cronies too. Undersheriff Prinslow
becomes Sheriff. Then Undersheriff Ramirez becomes Sheriff.

I saw people being held over a year without a trial in Marion
County. Their right to a fair and speedy trial has is being

7. Fireye - April 3, 2009

I will forever demand that all who are responsible and profited from mandatory sentencing laws be tried for crimes against humanity and treason and then hanged. I will gladly do it myself. I have witnessed first hand the destruction these kinds of people and thier mandatory sentencing laws have wreaked upon so many lives.

They better pray that this government does not collapse because if it does they will be hunted forever..

8. hopeful mom - June 7, 2010

I just found this site. My daughter is in prison under M11. She received 14 years 10 months for a bank robbery, no previous criminal history. The sentence under M11 is 70 months, but she received 70 months for each teller in the bank. That is awful, where is th justice? She has been in for over six years so far, with no hope of getting out. I have her youngest child who was 7 years old when this happened, he just turned 14. I believe she has served enough time for this crime. She was stupied and drunk. enough already.This is a waste of the taxpayer money.

9. Tyrone N. Murphy - June 23, 2010

Listen Up all who have been hurt and pained, convicted and screwed. My name is Tyrone N. Murphy, and I am a victim of Measure 11. I have a wife and a son and was recently kicked out of the United states Army for this conviction. I was 12 years old and started Dry humping my young step-brother and it became a way of relief for the pain that I was dealing with at home. Now everyone of us kids have problems at that home and we all acted out in certain ways and most are to numb and relieve for a short while and that is what happened. It continued only because my parents were not there to watch or care. Keep in mind my Dad and step-mother or very ill minded people. Skipping ahead, I had finally turned 18 and got out that morning went back to high school as one of the most inspirational and great achiever that school had seen. While not a year ago my grade point average had been a 0.6, and to have it jump to a 3.0 for that year is quite an achievement. It did not stop there, I also gained a position as an Airborne Ranger and was doing well until my Father and Step-mother had scared me into turning myself in. I had sat in jail for 6 months with no understanding as to what was going on or why I had been put in here for telling the truth. I trusted the law. Now that I am out I find out I am fortunate not to be in jail for thirty-seven years. Was forced to take a plea because I was 20 and had no clue as to what was going on other than I would not see my son graduate HS. Come to find out I probably won’t because I will have to be a sex offender for life. Now I see myself going back to jail soon because I will be unable to pay court fees. Because I have a family, a beautiful wife and an amazing one year old son and I can’t even get a job to support them. I wish that I could go back to when I was twelve and not be afraid to ask for help. If I said anything my Dad was going to beat me to death if he had to go to jail. Now he has pushed it on his own son and my family is suffering everyday because I was afraid to knock on a door to get help. I have done a sexual psych eval and I am no threat to society. In fact it stated multiple times that I am a virtuous individual but because I had said that I did it, totally ignorant to how messed up the system is. That now I have to look my son in the eyes and not know if I will be in and out of his life. Know son deserves to have a fathers that would give his life for him taken away because his father was a kid who made bad decisions. I have lost everything except my wife and my son. I might have well of though because i am going to lose out on his life. If anyone knows anybody or has researched about these problems with the measure 11. PLEASE send what ever you know letters of what you have gone through I plan on making a difference and I know that you share the same goals to free us kids from this Law that was passed by the media in 1994. I can’t stand here and let nothing be done about the injustice, so if you would like to help me start this movement to save those who have been judged to harshly by this law. Then E-mail me!!!!

10. damon star - July 13, 2010

We need help. We have submitted an application for clemency to Governor Kulongoski for our brother who has been incarcerated for 15 years of a 25 year sentence. We are looking to talk with someone who can help us to publicize our campaign and to get in contact with people in the legislature who will support us. We may be willing to hire the right person who would work as a lobbyist or an advocate for our brother.
please help if you can, time is of the essence

11. Tyrone N. Murphy - July 19, 2010

My email address is tyroneneilmurphy@gmail.com

12. Kellie Ziola - January 3, 2016

My name is Kellie Ziola. Measure 11 is destroying my son’s future. Oregon’s extremely miswritten statues and severely flawed, financially prejudiced justice system is causing emotional and psychological devastation to my son, my daughter and myself. I am very sorry I was unaware of Measure 11 and it effects before it effected my children! I have since read and heard about so many YOUNG men and their families hurt, forever changed, or destroyed because of mandatory sentencing. I WILL NOT stand by and let my son become another wrongfully labeled sex offender. I am committed to spending the rest of my fighting Measure 11 and reforming Oregon’s Sex Related Crime Statues. Please contact ASAP !

13. Kellie Ziola - January 3, 2016

Please allow me to correct typos;

“the rest of my life fighting”
“Please, Tyrone N. Murphy and any others, contact me ASAP”

my email is kellieziola@yahoo.com

14. Lil - August 9, 2016

Are there any grassroots groups in the Lane County area or groups trying to get a repeal measure 11 on a ballot? I didn’t see it on Ballotpedia. I would love to help organize.

15. William Joseph Nash II - September 18, 2016

My name is William Nash and I am a victim of measure 11 that is feeling the long term effects of it. I was sentenced to a 90 month sentence for armed robbery of a dope house in 1996 and it was my first felony offense in my life. Had they gone by the original Oregon sentencing grid I would have been out by the time I was 23 but as it was I didn’t get out until I was 29. Kevin mannix and his illegal sentencing law stole my twenties from me and I’ve had coping and socializing problems ever since. Now I’m 42 and can’t even relate to people my own age and lack the fundamental tools that one learns while experiencing life on the streets thru out their twenties. I’ve never been back to prison but have had several county jail stays over simple drug possesions because I just can’t cope with everyday issues that normal people deal with. Who pays for the time stole from me. Call it an excuse if you want but I’ve tried to fit in and just don’t know how to conversate with people in my own age bracket and don’t feel comfortable with younger people either. My life is a constant frustration of Just not knowing how to do and remember simple things. They say I’m institutionalized but I’ve never believed it. I have trouble keeping jobs on a long term basis because after awhile it gets to routine and it frustrates me. I never think that I want to to back to prison but at the same time I will not be homeless. I can’t get on social security for some reason but watch people get on it all the time with nothing wrong with them but a drug habit they don’t want to give up. Sometimes prison seems like the easier move but I still want to be happy and have dreams of a loving wife and a job and a home I feel safe in. Had it not been for my family and their support I would’ve been back in prison because I won’t be homeless but they don’t fully understand what I’m going thru and I can’t explain it because I don’t know either. My question is is there a law group I can contact to get my name on the list of measure 11 victims they are sueing for?

16. Charise - February 19, 2017

My husband was falsely accused of a measure 11 crime, and has been convicted to serve a 33 year prison sentence. The minimum mandatory sentencing is beyond ridiculous, and the Oregon laws and statutes don’t even allow for a fair trial. Reform is necessary for the almost 70% of men, and women for that matter, that are in prison, and innocent. We fought our case, and because ‘here-say’ is near anything the defendant brings to trial, we didn’t even have a fighting chance from the get-go. Our lives have been torn and ripped apart limb by limb, all for the states want for another check mark, and more money… I will not give up on my husband, and the hundreds, thousands of men and women who are innocent until justice is served. I can sure tell any and all I will be sending letters to any and all elected officials to get my story out, and get measure 11 reformed and fair trials are re-instilled!