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Welcome to the Oregonians Against Measure 11 blog! September 14, 2006

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Here you will find current information regarding the law passed in 1994 that essentially eliminated our elected judges. The measure introduced mandatory minimum sentences for 21 crimes and gave full prosecuting power to the district attorneys, preventing judges from ruling on the details or merits of a case.



1. agentellen - October 15, 2006

M11 means that no matter how hard someone convicted under this law tries there will be no reward for good behavior. Why bother participating in programs that are 100% ineffective. It dosen’t matter if you sit and do nothing..or be a model prisoner…the time is the same. Why dosen’t the population believe this? I tell people this and they think I am wrong. They think; Well, the judge just didn’t want her son to have that.
Also, I know this topic puts a huge wedge in our support group but how can anyone convict a 1st time juvenile offender to the same time as a repeat adult? Don’t we realize the effect this is going to have on our population in 25 years? The federal government says youths under 18 are constitutionally inelligable for the death penalty because they are not culpable at that age. Why is Oregon holding them to a different standard?

2. agentellen - October 15, 2006

Thank you very much for setting this up. I will pass it on today when I visit my son.

3. Ky - November 7, 2006

I’m new, what’s going on?

4. Ky - November 8, 2006

agentellen, it is my understanding that in some circumstances parents of minors charged as an adult, have to pay child support to the State. Is this true

5. rose of sharon - December 29, 2006


Pass the word around to your friends and family about the blog. We need to be heard, lets talk.
What we have to say does matter.
Does anyone have the answer to the above question?

6. rose of sharon - December 29, 2006

Does anyone have the answer?